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Our SABSA training programme is led by David Lynas: co-author of SABSA, CEO of the SABSA Institute, and principal author of the SABSA Institute intellectual property. Quite simply there is no better source of SABSA Education, anywhere, at any price!...  Read more

SABSA Foundation Modules

The SABSA Foundation Modules (F1 & F2) are the SABSA Institute’s official starting point for developing Security Architecture Competencies. They are designed to create a broad-spectrum of knowledge and understanding of the SABSA method, its frameworks, concepts, models & techniques.... Read more

Fly free to the 2020 SABSA World Congress!

Fly free to the 2019 SABSA World Congress!


When training just isn’t enough we offer our world-leading SABSA Fast-Track service. How do we know it is world-leading? Because although numerous organisations now offer a similar service, it was invented by SABSA co-author & SABSA Institute CEO David Lynas – and that means our services are... Read more

The Unique Value of SABSA Advanced Modules

The SABSA Chartered Architect programme is a true Professional Certification awarded by the SABSA Institute, the global governing body for the SABSA method. It provides... Read more

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