Competency-Based Professional Development

Real ‘professionals’ (such as pilots and doctors) are not certified by their professional bodies by means of knowledge-based multiple choice tests: they are required to actively demonstrate the application of their skills and achieve career progression by ‘doing’ in preference to ‘knowing’. Certification by the SABSA Institute is competency-based and delivers to stakeholders the assurance, trust and confidence that a professional has demonstrated the skill and ability to use the SABSA method in the real world.

SABSA Certification Roadmap

The SABSA Certification Roadmap will also enable you to plan the advancement of your career in the specialist areas most suited to your needs, and to demonstrate your increasing competency by progressing from Foundation level through Practitioner level to a Master Certificate.

SABSA Competency Development

The competencies framework and its associated training programme go much further than other certification efforts, which are largely knowledge-based and which tend to have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The SABSA programme is designed using leading educational practice to develop and enhance professional capabilities in a measurable way whilst focusing on the specialist areas of candidates’ chosen career paths.

SABSA Comptency Framework