Distributed Enterprise & Multi-national Solutions

If you wish to train a larger number of people but they are distributed over multiple locations nationally or internationally, we are in a unique position to help. We provide SABSA training to more people in more locations than all other SABSA Accredited Education Providers combined! Our unique coverage ensures that even if your team is spread across multiple countries we can deliver cohesive SABSA competencies for your whole team with consistent content and unfailing dependable quality, delivered just about anywhere. Whatever the scale of your SABSA training requirements we can provide the right Group Package combination of Public and / or Private In-House courses for you. Distributed / Enterprise Solutions are:

Cost-effective – a custom combination of group discount packages ensures lower per-person rates than public training alone

Flexible & Adaptable – custom-built to meet your specific needs

Consistent – the same high quality content and delivery in multiple locations

Distributed and Multi-National Solutions are best for:

Larger distributed teams with a requirement for consistent SABSA competency development

Organisations with larger-scale Enterprise-wide Architecture and Security Strategies, Programmes and Projects

With central or enterprise-wide training procurement processes

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If Distributed / Multi-National Solutions are not the right fit for your group click these links for more information:

If your group is available at the same place and time you can gain cost-efficiencies through Private In-House Training

If your group is located in one place but cannot be available at the same place and time our Group Package options may be the perfect fit for you

If your group is too small for our Multi-National solutions our Hosted training option may be just what you need