Hosted Training

If you need to develop team-wide SABSA competencies but your team is too small for In-House training to be cost-effective for you then Hosted training may be the ideal solution. Our Hosted training option enables you to grasp the cost-efficiencies of In-House training by supplementing your small number of attendees with delegates from outside your own organisation. Hosted training is:

  • Cost-effective – leverage group discounts and additional discounts for making your facilities available to others who require SABSA training in your area

  • Convenient – training and examinations are delivered at your premises

  • Experience-enhancing – combines the benefits of team training with the ability to exchange approaches and methods with others from outside your organisation

Hosted training is best for groups of people:

  • From the same organisation

  • Typically 8 people or less in size

  • Wishing to leverage additional economies by opening their facilities to others

For more information please contact us.

If Hosted training isn’t the perfect fit for your needs click these links for more information:

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