Most Experienced Presenters, Best Exam Results, Greatest Coverage

Skills Transfer From The Very Best

Our SABSA training programme is led by David Lynas: co-author of SABSA, CEO of the SABSA Institute, and principal author of the SABSA Institute intellectual property. Quite simply there is no better source of SABSA Education, anywhere, at any price! Wherever possible, David presents courses in person and our world-wide schedule is complemented by a number of highly-experienced SABSA professionals of proven ability, each selected by David according to his direct experience of their ability to deliver real-world solutions.

Top Exam Results & Best Feedback

As you would expect from a training programme led by David Lynas in person, our SABSA courses have the best delegate feedback and the highest exam scores of any SABSA Accredited Provider.

Greatest & Most Flexible Coverage

We run more SABSA courses and examination sessions, in more territories, than all other SABSA Authorized Education Partners combined. Our unique coverage ensures that even if your team is spread across multiple countries we can deliver cohesive SABSA competencies for your whole team with consistent content and unfailing dependable quality, delivered just about anywhere. If you have a team or corporate training requirement please see our special programmes for In-House Training, Hosted Training, Group Packages, Multi-National Enterprise Solutions, and Classified Environment Solutions. If your Enterprise has special needs for integration, alignment and awareness of business-driven security methods into your existing methods and frameworks please see our Cross-Discipline & Topical Seminars or Custom Programmes. If what you really need is so much than training - to get started with delivery or real architectural solutions – then see our world-leading SABSA Fast-Track service.

First to Market

Being led by David Lynas means that when the SABSA model or competency map is updated we are first AEP to run with new official courseware. Our programme gives you the most up-to-date experience possible and a head-start on the competition.

Prime Convenient Venues

To optimise your learning environment our public courses are usually run at high quality conveniently located Hotels. When suitable to the needs of our customers, we also occasionally run public courses hosted at quality office and meeting room facilities. In either case all of our courses include in-house, hotel or restaurant catering.