Private In-House Training

If you have a team or group of people who can all be made available for training at the same time, or your need is to develop team-wide competencies to deploy an enterprise strategy, programme or project then In-House training may be the best solution for you. In-House training is:

  • Cost-effective – lower per-person rates than public training

  • Private - sensitive issues can be openly discussed

  • Convenient – training and examinations can be delivered at your premises or a suitable external site of your choice

  • In-House training is best for groups of people:

  • From the same organisation

  • Typically 8 people or more in size

  • Available at the same time and place

If In-House isn’t the perfect fit for your needs click these links for more information:

  • If your group is too small for cost-effective In-House training our Hosted training option may be just what you need

  • If your group cannot be available at the same place and time our Group Package options may be the perfect fit for you

  • If your group is too large to consider In-House training or is geographically distributed our unique Distributed Enterprise & Multi-National solutions may be what you are looking for

For further information please contact us