SABSA Chartered Architect – Foundation Level (SCF)

Foundation level (SCF) examinations test and certify professional competency up to level 2 (Knowledge and Comprehension) in the SABSA Competency Framework.

Foundation level certification requires a candidate to score 75% or higher in each of 2 test modules each consisting of 48 multiple choice questions. The competency map for the examinations is built exclusively around the course material taught on the official SABSA Foundation Module training courses:

  • SABSA Security Strategy & Planning (Test Module F1)

  • SABSA Security Service Management (Test Module F2)

Each test module is of 60 minutes duration. An additional time allowance of 25% is allocated for candidates who do not have English as their first language or who have medical conditions that impact upon the speed at which they can work. Candidates are responsible for claiming their time allowance at the time of registration.