SABSA Fast-Track

When training just isn’t enough we offer our world-leading SABSA Fast-Track service. How do we know it is world-leading? Because although numerous organisations now offer a similar service, it was invented by SABSA co-author & SABSA Institute CEO David Lynas – and that means our services are led by the inventor and we have successfully delivered more Fast-Track services world-wide than anyone else.

Recognising the sometimes daunting gap between architecture theory and the real world challenges of creating large scale architectures, the original SABSA authors designed Fast-Track in the late 1990s to enable organisations to bridge the gap by gaining valuable and practical first hand experience in making tangible deliverables quickly and for low financial commitment.

Typically the work package culminates in an intensive 5-day programme of delivery workshops designed to help "kick start" your Enterprise Security Architecture initiative by taking you through the entire SABSA architecture development process in just one compressed week of intensive in-house workshops and presentations heavily customised and focussed on your priorities. Fast-Track works by applying the SABSA model directly to your specific environment. Powerful and substantial results are achieved with limited budget and limited commitment of resources.

The SABSA Fast-Track service provides customised, hands-on guidance and advice, dedicated to jump-starting your Security Architecture programme and providing you with the help and momentum that you need.

Fast-Track steers you through five highly productive days of delivery-focused activities especially designed to get you started.

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