SABSA Training – What’s In It For You?

Security Architects

Enterprise Architects

Risk Management Professionals

Business Managers & Strategists

Define a Business-Driven, Risk & Opportunity-Focused Enterprise Security Architecture Framework through-life all the way from strategic vision to operations

Leverage holistic modelling techniques to integrate security with all Enterprise Architectures, frameworks & standards, and find out why The Open Group is aligning TOGAF® with SABSA

Enable Business through the most proven Risk & Opportunity-based Enterprise Architecture method, balancing opportunities for gains with probability of loss in terms that are instinctive and meaningful to stakeholders

Assess & apply the world’s leading Business-Driven architectural method to ensure IT, Security & Risk functions deliver value for your enterprise defined in Business terms

Security Professionals

Systems Developers & Security Ops Professionals

Audit, Compliance & Governance Professionals

Service Management Professionals

Discover the missing link between security and the business and apply it to change the security landscape, gain support, and win clear stakeholder buy-in

Leverage the world’s leading security architecture method to create Business-driven solutions and embed security & risk management into your solutions & methods

Provide assurance and confidence to stakeholders that IT, Security Architecture & Risk Management solutions & processes are business-driven, fit-for-purpose, complete & robust

Design, deliver, & define a security services catalogue with business-driven performance targets that fully & traceably meet stakeholders’ business requirements